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Style Guide For Jeans

OMG jeans has always had a wide variety of jeans for you to choose from.

To make your experience easier, and to find exactly what you’re looking for,

click on our style guide to choose your favorite fit and shop that style.



Made famous by cowboys, the bootcut jean tends to give a slimmer and leaner look. The jeans flares at the bottom to give a larger leg opening.



The skinny jeans are fitting all the way through and tapered at the bottom giving a V like shape to your legs. Skinny jeans tend to elongate your legs making you appear tall. Wearing skinny jeans allows you to show off the shoes you wear easily as the shoes tend to go over the bottom of your jean.


The classic cut is the safest bet for anyone. The straight leg gives you room at the thigh and follows through at the bottom. It can sit at the waist or below the waist.


The lines of the straight cut jeans are as you guessed it, straight. Whether high or low waisted, the fit is the most classic and universal.


Slim jeans are for men who want straight leg jeans and have thin thighs. The slim fit gives a straight leg look with a modern cut. Tends to fit below the waist.


The jeans slightly flare at the bottom, which gives a figure flattering look. If you have a thin waist you can rock any rise. If you’re thicker at the waist stick to a mid-rise cut to give yourself the most flattering look. The bootcut allows you to put the jean over your shoes rather than in.


Relaxed jeans give you a lot of room at the thigh either for people who need it or want that baggy jean look. Relaxed jeans are wide at the bottom and tend to flatter someone proportioned well.


The flare starts higher up than a bootcut to give the bottom of the jean a wider look. The cut of the jeans is meant to give your leg more dimension and depth so the jeans don’t have one continuous line. Like the bootcut jean here you shoes are kept under the jeans rather than over.


Skinny jeans taper at the bottom to give the skinny look. The skinny jean hugs your legs and reveals the shape. This cut enhances and accentuates the legs the most and tends to fit below the waist.


The boyfriend jean should fit properly at the waist but still give a baggy look on top. The bottom of the jeans are cuffed by the ankle. The boyfriend cut is a modern look that gives women an opportunity to show off the shoes they like to wear.